Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why... it that we let other people control our feelings and emotions? I don't know about anyone else but I am a sucker....SUCKER....for letting other people influence me and how I feel from day to day. I was getting better about it and then all of the sudden, it just happened. I was back in the same place as I was before. Constantly waiting for the next phone call, text, facebook post, etc. Something...anything to let me know I wasn't alone. That they were thinking about me. I wasn't living my life for me. I was living it for someone else. I hate knowing that one person can completely determine my attitude, happiness and contentment with my life. Why do we let the people we care about the most (or want to care about the most), treat us the worst? And ultimately, let them get away with it.

The worst part about it? They don't even know it.

They just keep doing what they are doing and aren't concerned at all. But why should they be? To them, everything is perfectly fine...


  1. Karolyn, talk about eloquently writing something, I think you did just that. I wish this didn't hurt so bad. You were doing so great, and then it hit. And sometimes it does..I wish I knew the exact words to say :( Well, we are texting about it right now, but I still wish I could just take the hurt away.... I still love you though...does that count?

  2. Obviously in the dark here, but just wanted to say I love love love you! And think you're absolutely amazing, just how you are. Just know that you don't need a phone call, text or facebook post to validate it. You're a rockstar!


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