Monday, March 16, 2009

Mass confusion.

Why do people never say what they think? I don't always say what I'm thinking...sometimes it is a good thing too, but why can't you say something to someone about their attitude without them getting angry or upset? If it is the truth and you have a legitimate reason for saying it then whats the problem? Yeah the truth hurts...but so do a lot of other things in life. I mean, it seems like as soon as you get something that you want, something else comes from left field and completely knocks you off course. So, why can't people just accept the truth? And why can't I tell it to them...

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  1. Yea, the truth hurts. I guess one could argue if it is even worth it to possibly hurt the other person. But, on the other side, you should be good enough friends to say the truth and for them to accept it even if it is difficult. I have this problem though. I can't seem to always say what I want to say ... that is why I talk to you about everything lol.


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