Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It finally clicked.

Today, I went to the weekly devotional lunch at my workplace. I have been going with my aunt since I started and I have really enjoyed it but today it just clicked...

Of course, with it being St. Patrick's Day, the speaker talked about St. Patrick and his life story. Now, he was the son of a clergyman and the grandson of a pastor. So he came from a very religious family. But despite his upbringing, he didn't have a close relationship with God. St. Patrick was taken away by the Irish when he was only 16 to be enslaved for 8 years. While he was enslaved, he was forced to live in the woods tending sheep alone. Only after these long 8 years of slavery did his relationship with God grow. He had to go through the hard times to have a great relationship with Him and to restore his trust in God.

I finally understood what I have to do. I have always had a belief in God. I believe in Him and I have faith in Him. I need to work on my trust of God. I need to trust Him without question. Children do this all the time. There is no question. They just trust Him and know that He will take care of them. That is what I need to work on...not my faith and belief but my trust in God.

Anyways, also since it is St. Patrick's Day... I booked my flight to Ireland today! Get excited! :)


  1. Definitely something I am currently working on ... my relationship with God. Thanks for posting this! And, yay for Ireland!

  2. I am glad you started blogging. I tagged you in my last post. =)


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