Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home...I think?

When does your hometown and your house with your parents not become home anymore? I have lived "out on my own" for the last two years. I use the term "out on my own" lightly because my parents are generous enough to help me out....a lot. My sister and brother-in-law help me out as well...which is also very nice of them.

But, I do have my own house. I'm responsible for doing my laundry, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my own schedule. Granted not all of those get done all the time but still its my responsibility.

When am I no longer allowed to drive home and bring two weeks worth of laundry to do? I guess I just need to know at what age is that not appropriate anymore lol. I realize that my Mom and Dad will always want me to come home and visit...its just a matter of growing up that I don't bring laundry and projects for them to help me with.

Since I have my own place and I live in Stillwater away from my parent's house, is it still my home? I still consider it my home. But when do I change the phone number in my phone from "Home" to "Mom and Dad?" It is confusing. I will have to decide that one later on down the road because I can't justify changing it right now.

So, I guess in a way, that little farm three miles east of Perry, America, will always be home.

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. This is something I've been thinking about, too. I have "officially" moved out of the house and now live in a place of my very own. But I think I will always call my parents house home and it will always be MY bedroom. I know they enjoy seeing me so much, I dont even think they mind all the laundry that comes with me.


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