Monday, May 17, 2010

Now this lost soul don't know where to start...

Recently, my life has taken some unexpected turn of events. Not all of them have been bad. In fact, some of them have been really exciting!

This is going to be my first summer not to be in good ole Stilly. It is bittersweet but I'm excited to do something different. I start my internship at Oklahoma Farm Bureau a WEEK from today. Hard to believe. I'm anxious to get started that's for sure!

I've spent all weekend packing and realizing how much junk I have collected over the years. And I really want to cut a lot of it out of my life. So it has been a lot of "donate" and "trash" piles. However, I'm really excited to be getting an apartment by myself. I love love love living by myself and I can't wait to decorate and move someplace new.

This weekend is my friend's wedding. My dress is currently being altered and I just bought my shoes this last weekend. No minute like the last minute! But, it should be fun and a good chance to see all my friends before the summer.

And on top of all of that, I've got a mess of a situation going on. You know that feeling when you know that you have to deal with it but you just don't want to? Yeah...that's whats happening. And ultimately...I'm scared. I'm not ashamed to admit it because I know that I am. But it has to be dealt with before I leave for OKC... So, it looks like I have about 4 days to get my stuff together...

Here goes nothing!

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